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Evergreen Klose [userpic]
Brothers United Part III
by Evergreen Klose (dory_the_fishie)
at September 8th, 2006 (06:06 pm)

It was exactly one minute before midnight, and Sirius was standing in the Charms corridor, waiting for Regulus. Under normal circumstances, Sirius would not have any desire to meet Regulus – they weren’t on great terms, even since they started dating twins – but tonight. Tonight was different. Tonight, they had a purpose, and it overcame any un-brotherly feelings they had towards each other. Sirius paced back and forth, cursing as he checked his watch for the tenth time and running a hand through his decidedly above average hair. Finally, he remembered he had the Map that night and pulled it out, searching for Regulus. They had walked away together from Leanne and Marie a while ago, but then Regulus had said he needed to get something from his Common Room that they would need for their revenge, and left him at the dungeons. Now, looking at the Map, Sirius saw that Regulus was on his way to the Charms corridor.
A couple minutes later, Regulus approached Sirius from a hallway to his right. He was carrying a brown paper bag in his hands, which Sirius assumed was the thing he had retrieved from his Common Room. When Regulus reached the spot where Sirius was standing, Sirius was the first to speak. “Regulus,” he said formally, inclining his head slightly.
“Sirius,” his brother responded in the same tone.
Neither of them spoke for a moment, and then Sirius decided they should get on with it. “This Nathan Raines,” he stated, not needing to elaborate.
Regulus nodded.
“He’s old.”
“Stupid.” Regulus wore an expression of the utmost contempt on his face.
“Australian,” Sirius said as though it were the most horrible thing in the world.
“He has to go. I won’t have some guy flirting with my girlfriend,” Regulus spat, his voice menacing.
“Neither will I.” The brothers may not have noticed, or wanted to notice, that they were reacting in exactly the same way. Their eyes were blazing, their voices were supremely indignant, and they had even each run a hand through their black hair.
“We have to do something about this,” Sirius demanded.
“I agree.”
Sirius was silent for a moment, obviously expecting Regulus to continue. “Well…what?” he asked lamely.
Regulus didn’t say anything.
Sirius motioned to the thing in his brother’s hand. “What’s that?”
“Oh. This.” He grinned slightly, but continued to not say anything.
Sirius waved his arms in some frustrated wild hand gesture. “You’re either going to stop being an arse or become part of this payback.”
“This bag contains a Muggle…thing…that shaves off a person’s hair,” he said, rolling his eyes at his brother.
“And?” Sirius looked unimpressed.
“And Raines is going to think that if you shave your head with this, the hair will grow back instantly and better than before.”
Sirius didn’t seem to be following. “Why is he going to think that?”
“Because we’re going to tell him that’s how we got our hair.”
Sirius resisted the urge to give Regulus a high-five.